Text písně Forever more

I walk down to the seashore 
To bury my hate 
I wait till the morning of the mourning 
But it's too late 
Down to the seashore 
Through the illuminous gate 
You wait for tomorrow but today is today 
No one can understand my pain 

Find me the ocean 
Where waters stand still 
Nothing can befall evermore 
Find me the ocean which swallows all that floats 
It's time to prevail your conspiracy 

It's a whisper of a dead man 
I've heard it before 
It's yearning my emotions 
Before I was born 
It was only delusion 
Of illuminous gate 
'cause today is the day 


Calm is the breath that breaks the circle of silence 
Like the whisper of a dying man 
Who was born in his own funeral 
Time is right for the twisted one 
Guide me to the center of the vicious goal 
You're my prey, kiss my arrow the silver


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