Worldwide: One

Text písně Worldwide: One

four corn-fed boys from the heartland
brought together for some rock 'n' roll
from Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio
tonight we're gonna put on a show

it's been twelve years, the bus is still rollin'
people ask us why we sing
we'll do it twelve more years from the rooftop screamin'
'til the whole world knows You're King

(woah) we're gonna take it worldwide
(woah) take you to the other side
(woah) come on and go for a ride
(woah) 'cause we're goin' worldwide

Cincinatti to Miami, San Francisco to Seattle
From Hollywood to Buffalo
New York to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Vietnam
Tel Aviv to Tokyo
we're gonna go

(chorus x2)

we're gonna take it worldwide

(yeah, we're not afraid... to go to the other side...
you wanna go for a ride... well come on...
Tel Aviv to Tokyo... let's go...)


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