When It's Time To Go

Text písně When It's Time To Go

Nothing new in this old town
The sun comes up and heads back down
Working hard from dawn to dusk again
Seventeen and a heart for change
The byways calling out His name
But not yet, there's too much going on
Daddy needs a hand and mama's tender heart
Might crumble to the ground
Though they'd understand He felt like saying 
When it's time to go
You've got to let Me go away and face the world
Say goodbye, cry some tears, but don't worry
When I hit the city
I'll build you a house
Right down the street from Mine
Have some faith in Me and I'll show you why

Some years later late one night
He came in trying to dry His eyes
He realized what he was born to do
He said I'll always be your son
And I know you know what's going on
It's the hardest thing to think of leaving you
But this world needs a hand
And I've got just the thing they need to make it through
It's so clear to me & though I know what's coming'

And as they tore His flesh like animals
There were those I know who felt Him say'