Audio Adrenaline je křesťanská rocková kapela.Možná vás zarazí to slovo "křesťanská",ale je to opravdu tak.Audio Adrenaline zpívají převážně o Bohu,o úskalí dobrého svědectví a tom jaký to je být mladým člověkem co poznal Krista. Kapela se...

Píseň: Underdog

Audio Adrenaline
I am so weak and I'm so tired
It's hard for me to
Find enough strength to feed the fires
That fuel my ego
And consequently all my pride has all but died
Which leaves me
Down on my knees
Back to the place I
Should have started from

Been beat up
Been broken down
Nowhere but up
When you're facedown
On the ground
I'm in last place
If I place at all
But there's hope for this underdog !
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it!
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it!
You can call me the underdog

I'm in this race to win a prize
The odds against me
The world has plans for my demise
What they don't see
Is that a winner is not judged by his small size
But by the substitute he picks to run the race
And mine's already won