Total Death Exhumed

Text písně Total Death Exhumed

Corpses allured by the funeral bell
Under the lid rotten limbs will dispel
Scratching, crawling for the surface ever calling
Soil to the wind as coffin walls fall in

None so vile
The revenants rise on the doomsday
From dust to flesh
Twisted through decay

In hideous stare
Shadows rise to the sky
Nursing paranoia
Urine rains from up high
Ridden with filth from beyond the veil
Insane is the blare that comes riding on the gale

Blackest bile
Spewing from their veins
From ashes to blood
Leaping remains

Reeking of mold and bloodshot in eye
Hordes of disgust fuck peace till it's oh so dry
Undead parade
A summoning through the never
On a left hand path
Global fucking bloodbath

Present yet unseen
The one with horns
Candles all thirteen
The scent of thorns
Denial of the living
Slaughter of the womb
Six feet under
Remnants of the tomb
Total death exhumed

Walk the earth
Calamity souls pervade
Walk the earth
Millions of deaths portrayed

Insane hallucinations with every breath
Excavating pits of abysmal death
With every dawn a stillborn sun shall rise
Suffer life eternal in disguise
Only death is real


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