The Shells Are Open

Text písně The Shells Are Open

I see her coiling down
(The) Huluppu tree
To maid Inannas fruitful land

(She's) One of the Shedims
Living in the cave
Venus of the night
The shells are open

Climb the sacred treee on Thantifaxath
(And) Enter Liliths nest
In (the) Huluppu tree
Walk the lunar path to Qulielfi
Fly with the schreech owl
To (the) shore of Euphrates

Lil, the nigh Naamah my queen

(The) Queen of the Night
Is dressed in shadows

The shell is wide open, the child is born
Behold the saviour of Qliphoth

(You are a) Lion, serpent
Owl (with) wings of Pazuzu
Driven from the tree
(But you'll) Come back as a god

(The) Shell is wide open
Howlers of Edom, you female demons
Let the child be born
Through Thantifaxath
Walk the lunar path on Qulielfi
Fly with the schreech owl
And enter Malkuth
Open up the shell
And unleash Chiva


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