The Secret Of The Runes

Text písně The Secret Of The Runes

Hangatyr, Your whisper told me the secret of the runes. 
I follow you to be come immortal. 
I take a ride on the worldtree, offer me to myself. 
I hear the song 
I carve the runes of the Irmin. 

I pick the leaves of the worldtree, Yggdrasil my stallion 
Eighteen I find (when I) sing the song of Odin. 

I eat the fruits of the Futhark 
Yggdrasil my stallion 
I take a ride (and fly) with the wings of Odin 

Seek it low you go to find them glow 

By the well of Mimameid 
Eighteen runes will come to you Take the hand of Hangatyr 
You feel the serpent rise