The Night Away

Text písně The Night Away

See you out there, it's like you'll dance the night away,
But the feelings aren't too good because you need to lead the way,
You call them friends, but now to you they have no air to breath,
And when the time is right you know you'll have to have the final say

Music makes you feel good, so why make it a drag,
Too boots, the fist, the stance, you're out to win a loser's game,
How hard is it, to take them, when size is on your side,
Too blind to see, it's just a shame, when music's played in vain,

Big man with mean face now, are you bigger than you seem,
Find time to push around, and bring it down, until there's nothing left
Our music and our message, out of love more than exists
Are you there to hear it stop now, are you there to see it end


But it happens and it happens, and we can not be afraid,
There's so many still who give a damn, but the good ones always seem to fade,
Is our future in the hands of those who dance the night away,
Or are you with me as I sing this song, cause we've got more to say
Take a look around, do you see what's goin' down,
Take a look around, don't pretend it's not goin' down


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