Text písně The Heroin Song

How can something so cliche, something so pathetic 
Something so stupid be regarded as poetic 
With mum on methadone and daddy on the nod 
It's a picture full of death a syringe full of snot 

You shoot up, you die. You shoot up, you die 
And if your body lives, then you die inside 

Another paper, another shot 
Is the rust worth the risk, fuck no it's not 
Our generation should be smart enough to know 
The syringe, the gun, your life you blow 

You shoot up, you die, you shoot up, you die 
A false sense of security, you shoot up you die. 
And now it's too late to change your mind. 

Your life is empty, you fill it up with smack 
Too much one night you end up on your back 
You say you don't care, you're not afraid of dying 
Now you're on a respirator and all your friends are crying 
And now it's too late to change your mind!


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