The Flesh Of The Gods

Text písně The Flesh Of The Gods

The black earth luxurance 
Is the food of the mind 
In the alchemical lab of nature, 
Is the true tunnel of set 

The gods of the earth of mind from the star 
Eat the flesh of gods and become one of them 

There is a secret network below 
Here in the tunnels the flesh of gods grow. 

The serpent coil, out of the earth 
And offer fruits of knowledge 
Eat it and become like god 
And enter the astral skies. 

Revive the old sacrament from the days of paganism 
That open the third eye and enter astral skies 

Falling down stardust into planet pores 
Embryo of godhead is in these spores 

Enter dreamtime, the continuum of space 
The gate of time 
Is what you can reach 
Flesh of the gods will fertilize the mind 
The fruits of god is what you will eat