The dreams of Swedenborg

Text písně The dreams of Swedenborg

Wake up in the darkest hour! 
Angels are surrounding you 
In the borderland of heaven 
Lucid are yor dreams tonight 

Open a door, a gate in a dream 
(The) dead will pass by to show you the sky 

Astral presence everywhere 
In the dreams of Swedenborg 
He could see across the sky 
Through the boundaries of time 
Lucid dreams and astral sight 
In the dreams of Swedenborg 
Every part of universe's 
Corresponding to the world 

Dream a vision clear and splendid 
When you visit afterlife 
Daedalus Hyperboreus 
Delinate the astral world 

Write all your dreams in your diary 
Give to the world a glimpse of the sky 

[chorus repeat]