Text písně That Kind of Love

Happiness in view

Please let it be true

How I've waited in line

Longing for a love

To come hold this heart of mine

Promises unkept

Boundaries overstepped

Left alone with the hurt

Feeling like my life

Couldn't feel much worse


Then I saw the way You saw Me

As my heart let You come in

And I know I felt You hold me

When You told me I could live

Safe in Your arms

That's what I want

That kind of love

Love that will not leave

Use me or deceive

One I know I can trust

Love that will not bring me down

And always builds me up

Love that knows my soul

Shows me where to go

When all I see is a cloud

How could this exist as I stood there

In my doubt



You opened my soul

With what I'd never known

At a time when I was so so alone



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