Text písně Take Me Away

You, there is no one like you 
And all the things you do 
I want to spend my time with you 
I, hope that I am your type 
And that we could tonight 
Discover what new love is all about 

Trying to close my mind of many folks running me wrong 
This case won?t leave me alone 
We?ve gone working the wack 
Trying to trash my stature we won?t go 
On a tedious to go pull strings 
Turbeo wanna clip my wings 
Through swadies purt to play 
Rascals running with teeth quechin? needed so can you... 

Take me away 
Take me to a place where our love must be alone, oh yeah 
Take me away 
Take me by the hand and control what is going on, oh yea 
No matter what we may go through you got to understand 
That I want you I need you each day 
So take me away 
Take me to a place where our love must be alone, oh yeah 

I, I never was too shy 
I really don?t know why 
Tonight is gonna be alright 
Hey, let?s try to get away 
This love is here to stay 
Because you make me feel this way 

Pressure wants to punch my poise 
Church stealing my joys 
Time strip wanna take my toys 
Swindlin? my supplies 
The squeeze but it?s lacking the breeze 
Vics though seek the please 
The readings found the gold 
The devil?s taking us over 
We can break for mine decay 
Bitterness all over my back 
Need tension, quenching, can you... 


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