Text písně Strawberry Girl

Through the long days of summer 
Where the air was as sweet as perfume 
We walked through the golden meadows 
And danced by the light of the moon... 

She was a lonely angel 
Sitting there by the side of the road 
On the edge of the forest 
That's where the wild things grow... 

Blue skies of promise, opened before us 
There in her eyes held the dreams of the world 
Blue skies of promise, rained down upon us 
Live is so sweetwith a Strawberry Girl... 

In her hand was a basket 
Sticks and branches were woven as one 
She smiled bright like a child 
As bright as the afternoon sun... 

It was filled with her treasures 
A whole cradle of nature's bounty 
Wild flowers were chosen 
to lay amongst forest berries... 

Blue skies of promise, opened before us... 

"It's a great day for a gatherer 
You can say that I told you so 
In these uncertain days 
It's the simple things you need the most..."