Text písně Still Love You

Love, hearts, unicorns
Battlefield of broken bones
Starlit universe
Angels fly on porcelain swans

Roses, diamond rings
Honeybees - Choir sings
Love, hearts, unicorns
What a mess! Broken bones

Can you see
Can you see it too
Tell me why did I fall for you?

I´ve been lost in a desert
Since you left me here
Will it ever get better
Will you disappear?
I would try to get away 
But you´re always near
And I still love you

I believed in a promise
Too good to be true
I was living in a lie
Because of you
Now I´m lost in a desert
I don´t know what to do
´Cause I still love you

Love, hurts, candle light
Endless days and endless nights
Poison, flower, bed
Romeo and Julie


Diskografie Die Happy – Die Happy