MC5 byla hard rocková hudební skupina založená v Michiganu roku 1964. Rozpadla se v roce 1972. Kapela se skládala z kytaristů Wayne Kramera a Freda „Sonic“ Smithe (kytaristé), baskytaristy Michaela Davise, zpěváka Roba Tynera a bubeníka Dennise...

Píseň: Shakin' Street

Back In The USA
Little Orphan Annie and Sweet
Sue too
They've been coming around Gives 'em somethin' to do Their mamas all warned 'em not to come to town
It got into their blood
Now they gonna get down
Shakin' street it's got that beat
shakin' street where all the kids meet
Shakin' street it's got that sound
Shakin' street say you gotta get down
Streetlight Sammy decided to make the trip
All the way from New Jersey
On his girlfriend's tip
He pulled into town and met Skinny Leg Pete
Said come here, boy I heard about the streets
I heard about the place where all the kids go
Now, I'm about to flip
I just gotta know about
Well the kids on shakin'
street never give in 'Cause all of their lives they've been livin' in sin
You know that they're bad
You know that they're mad
They take for the takin'
They shake for the shakin' Shakin' Shakin' Shakin'
The folks keep complaining they find it so shockin'
All the kids wanna do is just keep on rockin'
They ain't got no time to think about stoppin'
They gotta get down and do a little stompin'
Now Sally Baker wants to shake her shaker And Bobby C. says he's gonna take her to Shakin' street . . .