Text písně Secrets

I don't sense that time is passing
I don't hear leaves start to fall
Unaware of seasons changing
I'm still oblivious to it all
And though a storm is raging
And rain begins to fall

I don't feel the wind
I don't feel the wind

When all the words fell from my lips
And scattered on the floor
Amidst the dust and debris lie
The secrets of it all

I no longer feel the wind

I won't ever feel again
So I won't need to explain
All the doubts that still remain inside
our hearts

I don't feel the wind

I spent a decade on the run
I escaped from nothing and no one
Not the twisted wreckage of
The dusty barren landscape I'd
Extend the metaphor for us
I'll take a hammer to your trust
False starts, make amends
I'm underwater with the bends
Till there's nothing to discuss

One moment of time slipped away
and both of our lives
Changed forever


Diskografie King Crimson – King Crimson