Spice Girls byla britská dívčí skupina založená v roce 1994. Tvořily ji Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm a Geri Halliwell. Patří mezi jednu z nejúspěšnějších skupin 90. let 20. století, dle BBC se dokonce jedná o...

Píseň: Saturday Night Divas

Spice Girls
Saturday Night Divas

Chorus: (2x)
Get down get deeper and down
Get down get deeper and down
Saturday night
Get down deeper and down
Get down get deeper and down
Saturday night

I'm not alone, now you're not in my mind
You were the victim of your crime, I left you behind
Boy you were a fool, to treat me that way
Not going to let you, I'm going to forget you, there's nothing to say

You're a twisted lover, kiss & and telling on a superstar
That's what you are
Well it was Saturday night, I know the feeling was right
I din't know we'd get so far


Take it from me, you know I mean what I'm saing
Better wath out, you'd better wise up,
To mind games he's playing
He may have the looks, he may have the charms
But where does he go,
What does he do, when he's not in your arms

Keep your head up high,
Don't you know you are the superfly
And that ain't no lie
Well it's a Saturday night, you know the feeling is right
Don't you know we'll get so high

Get down saturday night
ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah


Chorus (2x)

Wanna get down, wanna get down, wanna get down Saturday night (4x)