Text písně Rollin'

Rollin' windows down kickback trollen 
I'm holdin' and foldin' see no cold in the streets 
Dirty looks - huh - we think it's funny 
Workin' class rares scrounge up all the money 
But we're coolin' in the middle 
June I'm gettin' girls gettin' lit and I'm making up tunes 
Believe that boy I'll bet I'll bet I'm trollen 
Just lookin' for some trouble and we be rollin' 
Now I'm a tell a tale to you straight 
Gonna tell you a story 
It's not a fairy tale and it gets a little glory It happened one night when 
Tequila was full 
We were walkin' to my car unaware unknowin' 
I stepped up crossed the the street in no hurry
And what happens next - it gets a little blurry 
This chump nearly hits me in a green pintow so I threw my bottle BANG! 
It broke his window 
He screeched to a halt jumped out of his car 
I stepped straight to him gonna make him see stars yes 
The situation was going to explode 
Thought I should give him a warning said ya better hit the road I knew it would 
be easy if i dagged him first 
So I cracked him in the face all of the sudden with a burst I hit im 
with a right then a left didn't land 
But he turned his head and I broke my hand 
Whatcha gonna do? 
Do whatcha gonna I got a cast on my hand and the girls think I'm a jerk 
I can't play my bass and I can't go to work 
This is a true story it all did happen 
Better yet I regret that I'm rollin' up strappin' 
Been two years now since this all took place 
I learn from being stupid I learn from my mistakes 
And now I'm livin' peace edifyin' and trollen 
Can't say it wasn't fun in those days of rollin' 


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