Rock Bottom

Text písně Rock Bottom

Scooter - Rock Bottom 

1.: I flick the switch two thousand Volts of lyrical tricks YEAH 
discharge hard like lightning quick and hear the ticks you got it? 

2.: But before you here the tock, there´s a new flex I drop from my frontal 
lobe till the microphone explodes. 

3.: Love to rock bottom beats for the flicks and syncompate 
but I´m still in the mix come on! 

4.: I´m gonna blow up big while u still on the bottom of the charts 
like a twig YEAH it´s lonely on the top the champ is here 
for the lyrics I drop. 

5.: I pump kinetics uninternational malice wanna battle one of 
us is ending up im God´s palace of deadly like black coffee 
long as I lungs and a knot you can´t stop me 

6.: Going to... 
Rotter, Rotter, Rotter, Rotter, 
Dam, Dam, Dam, Dam.