Text písně Revelations

As the evening comes to pass 
I prepare myself to aks 
Never knowing what may come 
Oh! Oh! 

Close the door and turn the key 
Breathing in uncertainty 
As my heart begins to race 
Oh! Oh! 

I see all things 
From my mind's innocence 
When they call me 
I hear their prophecy 

You say I must 
Face my own deliverence 
Did you choose me 
Have I lost sanity?

These eyes can see right through me 
I feel your soul inside 
What have you waiting for me 
I'll do what you decide 

And now this possession 
Bcomes my obsession 
Adrift in illusion 
I'm sent into confusion 

Such torment and sadness 
That overwhelmes like madness 
So fearful and intense 
It burns inside 

I'll spread the word 
Around the world 
My name will last 

I have the power 
I have the choice 
They'll hear my voice 
For centuries 

Pandora's Box is opended 
Too late no turning round 
A paradox has woken 
I serve with honor bound 

I take this possession 
And make it my obsession 
Alive in illusion 
To make sense from confusion 

Come torment come sadness 
Give me the joy of madness 
This fear and this intent 
Runs deep inside 

This deepest possession 
For my life 
I want this obsession 
In my life 
I claim this possession 
Take my life