Text písně Pretty Hot Hand

I need a little smile
You need a little sorrow
It´s such a different style
My life is much too slow

Open your window
Yellow and dark
The night is passing by
You feel it´s
all dirty around
Some girl pretending
to smile

You must go, tables are laid
The Blue Star shining bringht
And all the pimps
and whores will ring
and aing White Christmas

I know you cry
A flames is seen in the East
The feet cross in the snow
You run - that feeling I know
You go apologize

All around the jingle bells sound
And silence dressed in black
Hold again your pretty hot hand
This Christmas is the last

I´m still alone though you are fine,
you´re mine
I´m still alone though you are fine
you´re mine

Hold again your pretty hot hand
This Chistmas is the last
It´s over so soon
Open your window...
All around the jingle bells...

I´m still alone...

I wait again,
my eyes are closed
Today or yesterday
Can´t help myself
Thinking of you
Again I´m on my way