Text písně Pink As Floyd

Say what you need to say
Make it clear
Make it great
Cause it’s not too late
And there’s no mistake
When you shine
Shake it for me anyway
Now we crash the gate
To investigate
Your fate

Pleasure to meet you
Got so much more
To offer the world
See what’s in store
Stay all day
Someone to love
That’s my boy chip chop
Open the doors
And we never close shop
Stay all day

And you shine as you redefine
Your time, just another time of day
Do you feel the spark
When you play the part
Fake it for me anyway
Time to tell them all
Without hem or haw
No applause
Tell them how to generate
How to raise the bar
How to keep it hard
To be alive, make it for me anyway
If you care at all
You will bare it all
You will grind, shake it for me anyway
Born to play the part
Dying for your art
Cuz it’s time
Take it for me anyway
You will clear the air
With a single stare
Your fate

Take what you need to take
To forsake
Make it for me anyway
When we fill the void
That is Pink As Floyd
To destroy
Records that we file away
And I’ll clean the slate
As I calculate
Your fate


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