Ordo Ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion

Text písně Ordo Ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion

His excess of light is searching for your darkness 
He is the tyrant 
There's one only law for him be pure 
He comes from above 
He died a thousand times and put his hand in mine 
He hails victory and loss 

I hear him coming every single day 
And the queen desires me 
To use some gentle entertainment to him 
If it be her will... 

And I have no choice - Plus de chemin nulle part 
I should kill for him - I will kill for me 
He shall bring me the anti-matter 
No compassion, never 
Never kneel before anyone 

The wound is so deep 
Them - Us - Against 

I sacrify my right arm to the golden rain 
And I know it's a sign 
I know the end is near 
One black cancer to make the children close their eyes 
Abime, Abyssus, Propator ! 

The red earth is trickling down on the wall 
Its blood is running off my veins 

Et tandis que le grand feu devore le monde la matiere 
Je prends ma place a la porte du cercle divin 

Antagonize the world - Incest and crime 
Humiliation of the whore - Cum, suck me child 
Vengeance is mine - Murder is wine 
Purification through the forever more 

Hold your breath and picture the scene 

The green-eyed angels are losing their wings 
All mothers are devorating the babies 
While children fornicate with animals 
And fathers die of overdose 

Dressons le bucher de ce monde 
Et les ames des elus seront la substance divine 

United we stand 
We walk through the flames 
We walk upon the ruins of your dreams 
Of charity and of respect


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