Ontogeny Of Behavior


Text písně Ontogeny Of Behavior

Millions of years after Enviovore left its' dormant, decaying planet behind
Finding a home on the planet earth
Will the earth be consumed as well?
Will this planet succumb as others have?
In 10,500 B.C. we stopped breathing in the ancient way
We started breathing in the way that we do now
There are 2 things that you do when you breathe
Air and pr ana
Pr ana is a life force energy
At this time we stopped taking the Pr ana in with our minds, by passing the pineal gland
The pineal gland is like a 3rd eye
Not the pituitary gland
It is shaped like an eye, visica piscis
All other existence breathes through the penal gland
As a result we are a disharmonic level of consciousness with enough time we will destroy ourselves and our environment
Planet earth will not allow it
Sending out frequencies to every living species
The human is earth's enemy
It must rid us to survive
Falling from grace, we can't escape our perilous fate
It is too late
Missing the signs, we are divine
We terminate all we create
It started with the birds and trees
Distractions we could not see
Naive to this reality
Nature emits deadly frequencies with no penal gland
Falling prey to the land
How can we understand what's going on?
The sky is black
The sun won't shine
Rabies in the air
We're too naive to even care
When dogs attack, the force is strong
The things we lack
We should have known that someday the earth will reclaim her home
We're the parasites destroying life
The end is near, attacks increase
Exhuming fear, clouds of insect tribes avenge
The polluted sky
Man and nature are at war
Every element her ally
Germ warfare systematically advances
Into our lungs
Eradicates our chances
Catastrophic weather
Un-rested seas, our future in toil
How can this be?
Hunted by natures beasts
A reversal in irony,
Haunted by our sordid
Nature has condemned us all
Judgment has been passed
Exiled from our birth rite place
Were now extinct, new life will breed,
Victims of selfish greed
Can't escape, the wrath of the earth
Frost and magma, destroy the human curse
Reduced to ash, to be erased
Fossils are what will remain,
The human race will be no more
The demise of the Enviovore
Ontogeny of behavior
Ascend to the 4th dimension!


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