No Government

Text písně No Government

You're paying for your majesty
She's having fun
She don't join the army
And she don't get a gun
You're paying for your civvies
Now what are they for?
They never count the killings
Hiroshima '84

Brew your own it's about to ferment
No Maggie Thatcher and No Government


Diskografie Anti-Pasti – Anti-Pasti

The Last Call (1981)

The Last Call (1981)

  1. No Government
  2. Brew Your Own
  3. Another Dead Soldier
  4. Call The Army (I'm Alive)
  5. City Below
  6. 24 Hours
  7. Night Of The Warcry
  8. Freedom Row
  9. St. George (Gets His Gun)
  10. The Last Call
  11. Ain't Got Me
  12. Truth And Justice
  13. Hell
  14. I Wanna Be Your Dog