Night Fire Canonization

Text písně Night Fire Canonization

Remember the drift of the night's fire?
Where the flames run around with desire
Blazes spread to the fore charring the foe
Granting the competence and burning all

The headmaster of magicians is
The serpent -king and the slayer
The possessor of the torches speaks
To the night with desire

The night's fire dances to a song of fall and wonder
The sultry weapon that calls you here now

The majesty is the power
Which corrupts the offspring (the paltry)
That shall never transpire
And always be denied
That shall never transpire
And always be denied (be declined)

The sun is sable
The moon is weeping
The planets are failing
As the earth starts to shake
The flames look secure
Within all the chaos
The fire sounds safe
Like a voice from the sky

The keys to hereafter
The flaxen-crimson embers
The symbols and the signals of
Destruction and withering
A night's fire is
The portrait of what was
Of what is
Of what is to come

So we shall singe them and
We shall burn them and
We will destroy them to
Remember the pith of the night's fire

The night's fire torches hatred to stone
As the sun turns cold
The stars fall fast and
The earth turns black


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