Text písně Musical Polygamy

It looks like the fun has up and run away 
Too scared to hold, and now too scared to break 
We've put out roots down here but 
There's a feeling I can't shake 
Anticipating your next move 
I can't get comfortable with you 
And I try to weigh it out 
We've nothing, everything to lose 
You can't stand me, I'm sick of you 
And what is this thing turning into? 

And how can we hope for No hard feelings? 
We built this together and now we're pulling down together 
From different sides of the room 
And when this is gone 
What else are we gonna do? 

We've gotten good at eye contact 
While regurgitating lies 
Learn to swallow hard so we won't cry 
It's been so long since we laughed at the same things 
The joke is on me and and you 
fuck everything 
I wonder who will be the first to quit 
Examining, contaminating 

We stay together for the children now 
But they're not happy with us anyhow 
What is it worth to renew our vows?