Text písně Mr. Pain

Lights out all night 
I've been lying there 
Shiverin' and shakin' 
Heart full of fear 
Everything's gettin' much too clear 
Life's a bitch 
I just let you too near 

On and on this beat is gettin' much too strong 
Higher and higher the flames burnin' higher 
I took the self-destruction desire 

Takes you like a hot summer rain 

I'm seein' snakes 
And feelin' stone dead 
Spiders and roaches dancin' in my head 
All fucked-up in the hospital bed 
Fire queen nursie 
Paint the town red 

On and on... 


I need a fix 'n' a kiss 
Can't get worse than this 
Everybody's so slow 
I'm goin' much too fast 



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