Memento Mori


Text písně Memento Mori

My life's minds plagued by lyssophobia 
In a cage solitude locks me in 
As the dark blackened walls close in on me 
Dementia strikes, there's no turning back 

Drowning in the stygian sea 
As those voices repeat to me my malediction 
Memento Mori 
Remember you must die 

A gratuitous wrath of violence blots out the light of my mind 
For on this night someone must pay for the cost of my life 
For me to escape the curse of perdition, this poor, weaker being must receive 
As you wince at the action of my sadist ways and cry at the throes of your 
moribund state 

A Daemon issues your last rites 
Paster Noster Upto In Terra 
I break, I twist, I burn, I destroy 
Memento Mori 

As the candle of light that burned in your heart is doused by the grip of 
death's hand 
Asmodeus, the spirit of lust bears his necrophile ways for the wishes of the 
demon in black 
My largesse in life should be immortality dislike the weak, mortal humans 

But in life theres always death 
a multitude are born to be damned 
His perdisized body will burn forever 
in the scorching flames of Gehenna.


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