Text písně Master Of Sparks

High class Slim came floatin' in 
Down from the county line. 
Just gettin' right on Saturday night, 
Ridin' With Some Friends Of Mine. 
They invited me just to come and see 
Just what was on their minds 
And then I took my first long look 
At the Master of Sparks on high. 

In the back of Jimmy's Mack 
Stood a round steel cage 
Welded into shape by Slim, 
Made out of sucker gauge. 
How fine, they cried, now with you inside, 
Strapped in there safe and sound. 
I thought, my-o-my, how the sparks will fly 
If that thing ever hit the ground. 

Slim was so pleased when I had eased 
Into his trap of death. 
He had slammed the door but I said no more 
And I thought I'd breathed my last breath. 
We was out in the sticks down Highway Six 
And the crowd was just about right. 
The speed was too, so out I flew 
Like a stick of rollin' dynamite. 

When I hit the ground you could hear the sound 
And see the sparks a country mile. 
End over end I began to spin 
But the ball started runnin' wild. 
But it was too late as I met my fate 
And the ball started gettin' hot. 
But through the sparks and the flame I knew that the claim 
Of the Master of Sparks was gone.


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