Text písně Manifest Destiny

Four hundred years or more 
Since you came to crucify 
They were taken far away from home
There were promises of paradise 
But if they have been told that day 
They would be told that this way 
To satisfy the souls of chosen men 
See I had to look carefully 
At the shame of my ancestry 
To re-define the story line again

If I was taken for a day 
And shown another way
Every child can learn a different thing 
See i tried a million times
but i had to change my mind
Sadness was the best thing I could bring
On the inside he was dead and this is what he said 
As he took away the blue above the clouds
Superiority was clearly meant to be 
So destiny will manifest in time 

So where was the love all gone 
A troubled trail of tears will tell the tale 
Of how I was put down where I don't belong 
Woman, child and man for sale 
For ethnical slavery is just an absurdity 
How can you be alive when you are dead 
With these chains of hypocrisy 
The shame of my ancestry 
Forever stained by blood in which you tread

(repeat chorus)