Text písně Last spike


1. Oh one day, I saw she was playing silly game,
   it really turned me on I started to pray
   "Please God send me her home"

   Right next to her, another young mens dream,
   mooving so slow, I just pretending that I'm feeling cold
   with burning fire in my pants.

RF. I'm driving last spike,
    she said she never had such a big guy
    She said she never had a reason why 
    to do things she has to do now.

2. With these two girls, I spend a lovely time behind the doors
   Tooke them into the place where are no birds
   just me and these two loving girls

BR. I don't care what people think about me!
    If it's good - My life, that seems to be free
    I don't care what people think about me!
    That I sleep with every girl that I see


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