Text písně Kingdom's Coming

Madness in the wind's got something to say
It ripped you apart
It will always be that way

It said kingdom's coming, causes chaos
Will cut to pieces
The film you saw today
It's your big bad secret
Your crown of thorns

You want for nothing, nothing at all

Sky will open soon, could be today
(Can't look back, back again)
Your kingdoms' coming, coming today
(You want it all but it's on the run)
Can't take it easy, you can't turn back. 
(The sky will open soon, could be today­)
Forget your bastard ego, get it off your back
(Your kingdom's coming, coming, coming today)

Can't just look back, back again
(Can't take it easy now, can't turn back)
You want it all, but it's on the run
(Forget your bastard ego, get it off your back)
The sky will open