Text písně Kicked

Kicked, dropping to the knees
Face-first into the dirt
Betrayed, a stab in the back
Everything is now on alert

Wounded, sense the blood
Like a jackal moving in for the kill
Stealing is nothing to you
It's just a part of the drill

Beware the Judas
He'll drag you down
A deal with the devil
Can put you underground

Target, preying on the weak
Taking and abusing the trust
Ruthless and morally bankrupt
Your word is left in the dust

Liar, nothing but a thief
Sell them everything that you got
A master of friendly deceit
No one's gonna care when you rot

If you leave, I'll take it all away
No one's gonna believe a word you say

Just another promise broken
No exception to your rule
I'm sick and tired of being taken
And played for the fool

Stronger than ever before
Now you are the one in the dirt
Sentenced, incarcerated
Paying for the pain and the hurt

Breaking, you're falling to pieces
Ripping at the seams
Victims, we're coming to haunt you
In your dreams


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