Pryč s nudou, pryč s depresí. Pojďme se bavit s albem Virginplatonic­panic z roku 2006, které je vůbec nejlepší jakou kdy Skyline vydali. „Je jasný, že tohle říká každá kapela, když vydává album, ale v našem případě je to prostě fakt. Chtěli...

Píseň: Kick The Gig

It comes again, wow-another great event's here
we gonna enjoy this night on the full gas-it's clear
take a bit of dough, close the door and leave home
then we jump in the car, all the crew you know
listen to the stereo, that music turns us on
roll that blunt, knock back some beer, before we score
get out of the car, then we hit the bar
check it out, this is how it goes everytime

now comes our turn
we step in, you burn
you got something to learn
and bring a breath of fresh air
this is how we go
you check this mode
ride the best you know
and still want more

we bring the fire
burning desire
eyes open wider
lights shining brighter

we bring the power
you still require
make you scream louder
always makes you stronger

these beats are wild
you'd better hold on tight
this relaxition you like
and you can do it all night
look around-so many faces are proud
to be here till the break of dawn