Text písně Jack The Lad

He'll do just about anything to get that bit of glory 
He'll go out with his lads to make that headline story 
The normal man in the clubhave no nees to worry 
He'll make his name oh so quick make it in a hurry 

Jack Jack Jack the lad they say he's mean 
they say he's bad, Jack Jack Jack the lad 

Do a shop and make it bold better still rob the old 
He'll go in and rob teh till and make sure they'll 
never get The Bill 
A petty their, always been, never miss a chance you see 
Be so hard and very cool never realised that he's just a fool 

He's the type to rob your nan of the local paper 
Goes out drinking with the boys and brags about his caper 
Doesn't realise that he's a clown 
I bet he's just one poor man 
Due to spend the rest of his life 
Wasting in the can


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