Text písně I'm your nitemare

How do I get here to sleep?
Can you hear me? I'm comin'...
Where am I?
Where do you think you are?
In Bed? Please let me sleep!
Beware, 'cos i'm your nitemare!

You know it's midnite and the evil appears in the dark.
You try to sleep, to scream...
But my terror takes your breath - befor you'll make it.
I'm the prince of darkness,
The mighty force that keeps your dreams away.
And now, you fight to stay awake,
There's no light, no way,
Nowhere left to run.
And i promise,
I'm the creature you'll see every night,
That almost stops your heart.
Why me?
'cos I'm your nitemare!


Diskografie 666 – 666

Nitemare (1999)

Nitemare (1999)

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