Text písně I Know You Now

I looked at faith
I almost walked away
But I looked again

I found the nerve
To close my eyes and say the words
To ask You in

And I heard no heavenly choir
No angels in white attire
I got no amazing super human
Omnipresent power but...

I know You now
I know You now
I know You're in my heart
I know You now
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
I know You now

I look at peace,
That once was out of reach
And now it's here

I read Your word
That some believe is so absurd
But I hold dear, yea

'cause You loved me with Your dying breath
You saved me when You conquered death
And You're living in my heart
I know the truth, and I love to confess that...


Finally I'm understanding
Just who You are
I feel my life is landing
Safe inside Your arms where I belong