Guns (Are For Pussies)

Text písně Guns (Are For Pussies)

Here comes the thunder down under, we're natural wonders 
Night falls when weleave all you feel is the hunger 
Sunrises of people all shapes and sizes 
Dig onthe decade and realize it's funky 
No matter this rude boy stll got that swagger
My ears have heard all these crews but we're badder Interracial, special,
positive beings I am I be a cool awakwening 
It's getting hectic the metrics thebody electric 
Everybody in worn out blue jeans or tacky dresses
This is the citywe've reached we've come to 
Go unrecognized on the corner or make moves 
All thelights are red all the poets are dead 
A familiar nightmare appears in my head
Times are a changin' myself I'm rearrangin' 
Dream eight-thousand-five-twelve allblazin' 
Born to act out, 
Paranoid with a gat 
Born to act out, 
Think you knowwhere it's at 
Born to act out, 
But you're lookin' like a sissie 
Born to act out,
Guns are for pussies I'm not from Philly but some say I'm a blunt 
That's justthe way I am and no I'm not going to front 
And yes I took a trip to find outabout the ways of big 
City seedy bars and drugs that make you feel shitty 
Prettyolder women in skirts conversation frisky 
Stinking cigarettes and plenty ofbourbon whisky 
Sad classical music on the jukebox of doom Hollywood Blvd. 
Barflyfrolic room 
Tomb of lost souls some beyond salvage 
Some just having fun openingsteam valvage I was one becoming
the other hellbent to discover 
Had to pull upthe reigns or else smother 
Take it brother all the way and then you're scared 
Don't want to be unprepared 
You're getting paranoid, 
And then guns are shared
You guys think you're hard, 
But you're in fear of getting harmed 
I fear no manand 
I am unarmed


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