Text písně Fortress

So now a hush falls on my heart,
My mind at ease, apologies as I start.
Overcome, love holds me near,
Pitiful boy, oh I am awed, try to be so sincere.

I come into
Your presence falling on my knees
Beautiful God,
Your face I seek

All I can give you is me,
My eyes are dim, and yet within I still see.
Everything disappears,
You are there,
My heart wells up, why do You love?
Oh Lord, why do You care?

In the stillness, the quiet,
In the peace,
You are there.
The idols gone, my mind is free,
Your love for me, my sins You chose to bear.

You are there, my fortress, my comfort.
You are there, my Friend, my God.
You are here, my fortress, my comfort.
You are here, my Friend, my God.


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