Text písně Flophouse

Everything's got to be 
Just how it has to be 
Or he won't play 
And I know that boy wants to 
Approach me and say 
All he's got to say 
Maybe he'll say it today, maybe no 
There was a slight altercation, oh 
Down at the station, oh, today 
There's blood on hands and steps 
I'm holding my head 
She's got some front, oh 
Did you hear what she said? 

I'm so soz if I neglect you 
I mean you no harm, mean you no harm 
And I'm so soz if I disrespected you 
Mean you no harm 
Oh look around, it's true 
Tonight, I'll be chasing you 

I took one draft of life 
Paid only the market price 
Now I'm estranged 
And I'm so lonely ... 
I'm not alone 
Licking her boot 
Maybe I'll work from home 
Maybe no