Feel Like Screaming

Text písně Feel Like Screaming

Why do I live in the past and why should it hurt me to ask 
If someone can hear, I'm standing right here 
But this talking aloud cannot last 

I've never been one full of words, 
It's much better to hide in a smile 
With nothing to say, I'd just walk away 
Disappear to my room, and shake my fists 
Think things over and stare into the wall 

And all this time I feel like screaming 
Turn that key, let me out, let me out 
Let me hold onto someone 
Let me out, let me out 
Let me hold onto someone 

Inside it's so easy to breathe, but never so easy to leave 
And just when I try, the fence gets too high 
So I sleep with my head on my sleeve 

And I dream of us flying away to a place that is out of the way 
And there's somebody there who says I don't care 
Who you are, where you're from, what you need 
Or what you're thinking, we love you anyway


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