Text písně Eternity (Part 1)

As I turn away from a life so grey 
Where have all the flowers gone? 
Just what went wrong? 

Innocence, insanity, irony 
Stone cold reality 
Oh lord come and save me 

Do you think we're forever? 

I've been in tears 
Hope has died in me 
But now I'm here, I don't wish to leave 

Trapped in time 
A miracle of hope and change 
A swirling mass, no mercy now 
If the truth hurts prepare for pain 

Do you think we're forever? 

The unseen, the eternal river of understanding 
Persevering, dying escape 
Forever tempting fate 
Take me back 

A flood of tears bonding my soul with my mind 
A dream of love, reality closing in behind 
As I close my eyes, the vision dies 
As I bid my last farewell to mankind 

The unseen, the eternal... 

[Lyrics & Music: D.Patterson]


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