Text písně Empty

Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust 
From my face another morning black sunday 
Coming down again,coming down again 
empty vessel empty veins, 
Empty bottle wish for rain that pain again 
Wash the blood off my face the pulse from 
My brain and I feel that pain again 

I´m looking over my shoulder coz millions 
Will whisper I'm killing myself again maybe 
I´m dying faster but nothing ever lasts I 
Remember a night from my past when I was 
Stabbed in the back and its all coming 
Back and I feel that pain again 

I abhor you I condamn you coz this pain 
Will never end you got away without a 
Scratch and now youre walking on a lucky 
Path i have to laugh but you 'd better watch 
Your back 

There´s pathetic opposition they´re the 
Cause of my condition I 'll be coming back 
For them I've a solution for this sad 
Situation nothing left but to kill myself 
Again because I´m so empty!


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