Echoes Of Terror


Text písně Echoes Of Terror

Existence, throught a spirit's will 
A force, use the power of evil 

Darkness, visualize 
As light pierces through your yearning eyes 

Rebirth of a lost soul 
Your body, a channel with witch to grow old 

Mephitic, smell of death 
Rancid flesh, of the undead 

Inner screams, 
Useless tears, 
Shattered bones. 
My prayer... 
"Oh Lord... 
...Help me die." 

"Please help me die." 

This inner gloom, 
A subterrainean hell. 
A morbid sleep, 
In my stygian world. 
My mind is locked, 
At chains my thoughts. 
I pray for death. 
Euthanasize my soul. 

Sanctify me! 

Epitaph, to mankind 
Engraved, on your mind 

Stigmata, on the flesh. 
Dead images, put to rest.


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