Don't Make Me Ill

Text písně Don't Make Me Ill

*Mluvené* It's weird, it's really interesting. We're lucky it happened actually. Your's lucky i dont knock your fucking head in. There's no need to get violent is there, and try not to swear so much please for the sake of this film. You can alwasy put in a fucking bleep cant ya!? Yes, yes, that's not the point though. No, no, that's not the point is, the point is how come you think you can interfer with the way we talk, and not interfer when the van's broken down!? Answer that and stay fashionable! 

Right now we've got a reason to live 
but it's got nothing to do with you. 
We've got a lot of places we're gonna go, 
a lot of things that we're gonna do. 
In your world we may be no one, 
but what makes you think you're someone? 
We have got just what we need and we don't need you. 
No one. I can tell where our future lies, 
and you can tell we've got nothing to hide. 
The way things seem to me right now, 
everything will be just fined. 
We're going to do it all our way. 
We don't need you to darken our day. 
We've never given up before 
and this stand won't be our first time. 
No one's gonna tell me, 
I'm gonna do it my way. 
No one's gonna tell me how to get it done.


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