Dictators of Cruelty

Text písně Dictators of Cruelty

They protect our souls from war and pain 
Don't fuck with them - nothin' will remain 
They fight the good fight for their world peace 
Save our Western Culture from unknown enemies 
Military power pushed by the industries 
Rain forest? Who cares about some fuckin' trees 
This is for all our safety - this ain't no joke 
They surely guard us - as long as they are broke 
[Bridge:] Land of the free - the land of decay 
Amazing grace - kneel down and pray 
Stars and lies - flag of pride 
Ku Klux Klan at Disneyland 
[Chorus:] Race wars in a faked world 
Hiding the truth there's no excuse 
Dictators of cruelty 
Dictators of cruelty 
Fairytales and legends are the backbone of a land 
Where controversial losers can be president 
Nothin' like it seems on this Earth full of disgrace 
Build your own opinion and see their ugly face! 
[Repeat bridge] 
[Repeat chorus] 
[Repeat bridge] 
[Repeat chorus] 
Dictators of cruelty!


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