Text písně Darkness eve

The tenth he made the kill 
As I payed the bill 
He was a demon I "hired" 
He brought me blood so red 
Brought me the dead 
My enemy sacrificed 

Fools dies - I manipulate your tragic fate 
Some cries - I celebrate the darkness Eve 

Look out number two 
What will be done to you 
We don't want want you to die 
We take you piece by piece 
Create you enemies 
Your small empire has fallen 

Feel pain - scream out in vain, forge your own chain 
I've gained - I love your pain, I love your pain 

He'll teach you not to play around with hell 
He'll show you what it's like 
I bet you understand things better now 
But it's too late to hide 

He enslaved your life 
With your own knife 
And rediculed your pride 
Fade till you are gone 
Into oblivion 
Beyond the solid walls 

Suffer - degrated pride and locked inside 
Weak mind - nowhere to hide, try suicide 

GORARA, I hail you 
Your work is so beautyful 
You are a true artist 
I hail you once more!