Cry My Name


Text písně Cry My Name

You will see
My burning inferno
And there is no way
In your wildest dreams
That you can say no

I suffocate your soul
And drain you of your lifeblood
The breathing darkness here
Will make you disappear
There is no return

I steal your soul
And carve a hole right where your heart once used to be
I watch you die
I hear you cry
It fills my soul with such delight

You are lost
You are entering a dead world
Wherever you will turn
You will see your spirit burn
Your life is over

Here in death's dominion
Where even shadows die
I am the one almighty
You will cry my name
And when you seek forgiveness
You will see there is no god
And for all eternity
You will cry my name

Cry out

Now it's time to return
To the world up above
And invite you to burn

Oh, the ones that I seek
Are defenseless and weak
Soon their hearts will be mind

And no one can slip
From my powerful grip
I was born to deceive

The smell of your flesh
So rancid and fresh
It keeps me alive


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